Behavioral Finance II

This course is the second part of the Behavioral Finance level. Here you will learn about another three biases - the conservation bias, the anchoring bias and the herding bias.

by Numan Ulku

Course Description

In the course we will explain all stock market anomalies together. We will discuss what scientific researchers have done recent years in understanding behavioral finance. Also we will distinguish the behaviors of individual and institutional traders. And will learn how institutional traders affect the whole market behavior.

You will benefit from what you have learned in this program in two ways:
1. Knowledge of common behavioral biases will help you better understand what is going on in the market; detect predictable errors of the market; and develop strategies to exploit them.
2. Being aware of your own behavioral mistakes will help you improve trading performance by avoiding or at least reducing them.

What are the Requirements? 

An understanding of finance. Covering the previous 6 levels, including Behavioral Finance pt 1, is a must.  Professional financial experience and/or qualifications are not required.

What am I going to get from this Course? 

  • More than 2 hours of Video Lectures;
  • An extended PDF Manual;
  • An even deeper understanding of how certain biases affect markets and how to exploit these effects.
  • Tools to analyze and track your personal progress

What is the target audience? 

This course is targeting non-professional traders with a motivation to develop their knowledge and skills. Our learners have already basic understanding of stock and financial markets. And they want to go further and learn how to capitalize on opportunities created by anomalies  in the markets. 

Knowledge Level

  • Financial Market Anomalies
  • Understanding of Behavioral Finance
  • Individual Trading

Additional Information

Level of difficulty: Master Pro
Lectures: 6
Extra materials: 1 manual
Video: 1 hour & 30 minutes
Languages: English, Chinese, Romanian, Russian
Includes: Certificate of completion


Section 1: Behavioral Finance II
Manual Behavioral Finance II 22
Lecture 1 Conservatism Bias 00:00
Lecture 2 Anchoring Bias 00:00
Lecture 3 Herding bias 00:00
Lecture 4 Academic Research on Behavioral Bias I 00:00
Lecture 5 Academic Research on Behavioral Bias II 00:00
Lecture 6 Lessons for individual investors 00:00
Quiz Behavioral Finance II 19 Questions