Behavioral Economics

This course uses psychology and economics to explain the anomalies on the financial markets. Gain more in-depth knowledge about behavioral biases and a short insight into their direct effect on IPOs.

من إٍعدادنومان أولكو & Dr. Eva Porras

Course Description

This course covers the second part of the Behavioral Finance level and gives a brief but vital insight into the Initial Public Offering process. Building up on the knowledge, gained during the first part of the Behavioral Finance lectures, here you will learn about another three biases - the conservatism bias, the anchoring bias and the herding bias. This, combined with an overview of IPOs, will provide you with the needed skill set to fully understand the psychology behind ongoing processes and stock market anomalies on the financial markets.

What are the Requirements?

An understanding of finance. You will form it by passing the previous 5 courses, if you haven't already. Professional financial experience and/or qualifications are not required. 

What am I going to get from this Course?

More than 3 hours of Video Lectures;

An extended PDF Manual;

An even deeper understanding of how certain biases affect markets and how to exploit these effects;

Introduction to an IPO process which will be thoroughly explained and examined in the following course;

Supporting Presentations with a broader explanation of Financial Markets and Assets;

Tools to analyze and track your personal progress


What is the Target Audience?

This course is targeting non-professional traders with a motivation to develop their knowledge and skills. Our learners have already basic understanding of stock and financial markets. And they want to go further and learn how to capitalize on opportunities created by anomalies in the markets. 


المستوى المعرفي

  • مكامن الخلل التي تشوب الأسواق المالية
  • فهم التمويل السلوكي

معلومات إضافية

Level of difficulty: Master

Lectures: 6

Extra materials: 1 Manual

Video: 1 hour & 35 minutes

Languages: English, Chinese, Romanian

Includes: Certificate of Completion

البرنامج الدراسي

قسم 1: فهم التمويل السلوكي 2
دليل الدروس التمويل السلوكي الجزء II 29
المحاضرات التحيز الناشئ عن التحفظ 14:16
المحاضرات التحيز المُرسَّخ 13:08
المحاضرات تحيز القطيع 19:41
المحاضرات البحث الأكاديمي حول التحيز السلوكي I 16:31
المحاضرات البحث الأكاديمي حول التحيز السلوكي II 13:37
المحاضرات دروس خاصة بالمستثمرين الأفراد 00:00
الإختبار التمويل السلوكي الجزء II 19الأسئلة
قسم 2: IPO Introduction
دليل الدروس IPO Introduction 37
المحاضرات History and framework of IPOs 00:00
المحاضرات So what`s an IPO? 00:00
المحاضرات Background to IPOs 00:00
المحاضرات Advantages and Disadvantages of going public 00:00
المحاضرات Going public 00:00
الإختبار Introduction to IPOs 25الأسئلة