IPO Process and Valuations

This module aims to give a thorough understanding of the IPO process to businessmen who plan to expand their business ventures. Following the previous set of lectures, which showcased the essence and evolution of IPOs, the second part emphasizes on the advantages and disadvantages of going public and how to ensure that the end result will be beneficial to all parties involved.


من إٍعدادDr. Eva Porras

Course Description

The course highlights why the IPO market became essential for the growth of businesses and gives a clear perspective on the requirements for a successful IPO. You will also understand how vital is the role of the “underwriter” for cashing out of your original investments and the fundamental aspects a company needs to take into consideration before diving into the IPO process.

The last two parts of this journey into the IPO world will unleash the full potential of your business and help you navigate the pitfalls and challenges during the process. You will also get an idea of the different principles and methods of an IPO valuation and the implications of underpricing and overpricing a stock value.

The course serves as an extensive quideline which will give you practical and professional tips and tricks from a true expert in the field.

What are the Requirements? 

Basic knowledge of the financial markets, an overall understanding of key aspects of a business plan and capital growth are beneficial in order to grasp the main concepts of this module.Completion of the previous modules is a must if you want to acquire solid knowledge in the matter and grasp the gist of analyzing human behavior on the markets as a whole.


What am I going to get from this Course? 

Comprehensive overview of the entire IPO process by a renowned expert in the field    

Over 4 hours of video material with practical advice and examples for each topic     

A better understanding of the benefits as well as the risks, involved in IPOs    

The specifics of an IPO in terms of key documents, regulatory complexities, list of preliminary checks which will ensure that a company is prepared to become publicly accountable

An extended PDF Manual    

Supporting Presentations with a broader explanation of IPOs and tools to analyze and track your personal progress


What is the target audience? 

Anyone with a business who wishes to obtain more funding for a long-term growth and access new capital from a wider pool of potential investors. The course is targeting non-professionals who are motivated to venture out into the public market and turn this process into a successful and sustainable business move.



المستوى المعرفي

  • • أوجه النقص التي تشوب الأسواق المالية
  • فهم التمويل السلوكي
  • التداول الفردي

معلومات إضافية

Level of difficulty: Master Pro

Lectures: 6

Extra materials: 1 manual

Video: 1 hour & 30 minutes

Languages: English

Includes: Certificate of completion


البرنامج الدراسي

قسم 1: The IPO Process
دليل الدروس The IPO Process 35
المحاضرات Before you go into the process 00:00
المحاضرات Prepare to go into the process 00:00
المحاضرات The underwriting process 00:00
المحاضرات The allocation of shares 00:00
المحاضرات Pricing 00:00
الإختبار The IPO Process 25الأسئلة
قسم 2: IPO Valuations
دليل الدروس IPO Valuations 37
المحاضرات Pricing 00:00
المحاضرات Valuation Methods 00:00
المحاضرات Cost of Capital 00:00
المحاضرات IPO valuation 00:00
المحاضرات The aftermarket 00:00
الإختبار IPO Valuations 25الأسئلة