Legal Courses VESTIGIA

This level provides information about the inevitable impact of the cryptocurrency on the traditional market and the variety of cryptosystems.


Course description:

Contains basic information about the cryptocurrency impact on the traditional market and the types of cryptosystems.


What am I going to get from this course?

  • 2 PTT presentations
  • 6 Manual – PDT materials
  • 5 Video lections – 55:12 min

What is the target audience?

We aim to give a better and deeper explanation of everything about cryptocurrencies in certain countries. The legal professionals developing this level of the course, offer an amazing materials which are going to be your best guide in the law cryptocurrency world.

المستوى المعرفي

  • Legal Courses VESTIGIA

معلومات إضافية

Level of difficulty: Vestigia
Lectures: 5
Extra materials: 6 manual PDT and 2 PTT
Video: 5 Videos / 55 minutes and 12 seconds
Languages: English

البرنامج الدراسي

قسم 4: Legal Courses VESTIGIA
دليل الدروس Belgium Manual PPT 15
دليل الدروس Belgium Manual PDF 12
المحاضرات Norway and Sweden Video VESTIGIA 00:00
المحاضرات Germany Video VESTIGIA 00:00
دليل الدروس Bulgaria Manual PDF 24
دليل الدروس Germany Manual PDF 9
دليل الدروس Italy Manual PDF 18
دليل الدروس Norway Manual PDF 13
دليل الدروس Sweden Manual PDF 14
المحاضرات Bulgaria Video VESTIGIA 00:00
المحاضرات Belgium Video VESTIGIA 00:00
المحاضرات Italy Video VESTIGIA 00:00