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OneAcademy is an innovative e-learning platform covering a broad range of financial topics including trading, the stock exchange, cryptocurrency, financial analysis, asset management and more. Our mission is to provide our students with the guidance and educational materials they need to achieve financial literacy. Developed by finance experts and academics, OneAcademy is highly-structured and easy to understand. Learn at your own pace and be part of the future of global finance.

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OneAcademy provides a unique and effective learning experience thanks to our expert instructors, sophisticated e-learning platform, and self-paced approach.

  • Learn from international finance experts

  • Practice your mining and trading skills

  • Earn levels of certification

  • Mariana López de Waard

    Education is the foundation of success. I truly believe you need to pass the OneAcademy courses in order to take advantage of the new market trends and the cryptocurrency era that is upon us. You can only achieve this through proper financial education. OneAcademy is the key to your financial security and I don’t think people speak about that benefit enough.

Our Products

The OneAcademy products are distributed by the one life network exclusively.
Initial Launch Pack
Price: 55 555 EUR

Initial Launch Pack is an educational package which offers access to all 7 OneAcademy levels. Our most valuable package gradually builds up your knowledge through the carefully segmented modules and provides insight and understanding of the IPO process and valuations. Dive into case to case studies on useful practices and advice on how to successfully conduct an IPO.

The ILP membership gives the opportunity to request 500 000 FREE promotional tokens, which can be put into cryptocurrency mining and generates 55 555 BV points for network bonuses.

Premium Trader
Price: 13 750 EUR

Recommended for those interested in reaching a high level of proficiency in understanding the effect of behavioral biases in asset management and trading. The package offers 6 educational levels with focus on “Behavioral Economics” and the set of biases you might be affected by on the stock market. This package will give you a brief, yet informative overview on the  IPO process and history as a preferred form of obtaining capital of every business venture that wishes to expand its operations.
The premium membership allows the member to request 120 000 FREE promotional tokens which can be put into cryptocurrency mining and generates 13 750 BV points for network bonuses.


Tycoon Trader
Price: 5 500 EUR

Tycoon Trader of the OneAcademy is an intermediate difficulty educational package, appropriate for members who have already gained basic understanding of the financial markets.

It features 5 levels of education and aims to develop an understanding of trader psychology, along with practice materials and video presentations. The course includes thorough overview of Advanced Technical & Fundamental analysis and offers valuable insight into a set of criteria which needs to be taken in consideration before making an investment.

The tycoon allows you to request  48 000 FREE promotional tokens which can be put into cryptocurrency mining and generates 5 500 BV points for network bonuses.


Pro Trader
Price: 1 100 EUR

Includes Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the OneAcademy e-learning program. After completing the introductory modules, members will gain knowledge of the key characteristics of financial markets, be able to develop market forecasts through various analytic approaches and acquire basic skills in creating a trading plan.

The pro trader membership provides the option to request 8 000 promotional tokens which can be put into cryptocurrency mining and generates 1 100 BV points for network bonuses.  

Price: 550 EUR

Includes OneAcademy Levels 1 and 2.

Learn the foundations of financial theory and how to trade with assets. Members will be introduced to asset management, begin to understand risk and its behavioral perspectives and explore cryptocurrency as an asset class.

The trader package provides you with 4000 FREE promotional tokens for your request, which can be put into cryptocurrency mining and generates 550 BV points for network bonuses.  


Price: 110 EUR

An introductory level in financial market. For learners who have no previous experience or education in finance, but wish to receive elementary level of understanding and improve their skillset. Includes Level 1 of OneAcademy’s e-learning program. Students will gain basic financial literacy and be introduced to financial products and the concept of  trading.

The starter membership gives the option to request 800 FREE promotional tokens which can be put into cryptocurrency mining and generates 110 BV points for network bonuses.  

Price: Free

Rookie is a free package that includes information about our integrated virtual ecosystem and how it can be used for personal advancement. It comes with a complimentary e-book by George S. Clason, titled "The Richest Man in Babylon". When you register for this package you will be automatically subscribed to our newsletter and kept up-to-date with all things in OneLife, OneAcademy and OneWorld Foundation.

The Rookie package allows members to generate FREE promotional tokens, which can be requested in your OneLife BackOffice and bonuses from the Network's rewards plan.