Тhe 80/20 rule for trading the financial markets

“Trading is a marathon, not a sprint”
Steve Ruffley

by Steve Ruffley

Course Description

In this first course, you will learn vital information and key concepts about trading. Based on his rich trading experience, Steve Ruffley will explain the 80/20 rule for trading the financial markets. During this introductory course, you will understand that markets move 80% of the time due to technical analysis and the other 20% - due to fundamental analysis. You will learn about the essence of these theories and how to use them in order to make trade calls and select the right products to trade. What is more, you will understand one of the most crucial things in trading: when is the best time to buy & sell. And, most importantly, how to perform consistently on the market because as Steve says in the lectures: “you don`t ever master trading, it is a constant journey”. Because, no matter what you've heard, there are no quick fixes in trading, therefore you have to be consistent in this long-running game. And teaching you that is our main goal of this course.

What are the requirements?

No previous financial experience or knowledge is required. It will benefit you if you've gone through the "Introduction to Finance" course from OneAcademy Finance section.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • video lectures delivered by top experts in the field 
  • tools to analyze and track your personal progress

What is the target audience?

People willing to learn how to trade consistently and successfully on the FOREX markets. If you are looking for a quick fix get-rich-in-no-time scheme, this is not for you, as FOREX is a long term game. 

Knowledge Level

  • Technical trading
  • Fundamental trading
  • Product selection

Additional Information

Level of difficulty: Novice
Lectures: 2
Video: 32 min
Languages: English
Includes: Certificate of completion


Section 1: Тhe 80/20 rule for trading the financial markets
Lecture 1 Introduction to FOREX 00:00
Lecture 2 Тhe 80/20 rule for trading the financial markets 00:00
Quiz Test the 80/20 rule for trading 8 Questions