Risk and Stock Market

Upgrade your knowledge from beginner to junior. Learn more about the exchange of stocks and how markets work. This level explains stock trading, asset classes and analysis, and stock market forecasting. Explore cryptocurrency as an asset class.

by Angel Marchev

Course Description

Learn about supply and demand and how markets work. Explore different types of assets and get acquainted with cryptocurrency. We will discuss the concept of risk and how people and businesses behave in risky situations. We will also introduce various approaches for analyzing financial markets.

What are the requirements?

A basic understanding of finance and the Newbie Module certificate of completion. Professional financial experience and/or qualifications are not required.


What am I going to get from this course?

  • Almost 3 hours of video lectures
  • Extended PDF manual 
  • Supporting presentations with a broader explanation of financial markets and assets
  • A deeper understanding of assets and risk in financial markets
  • Tools to analyze and track your personal progress


What is the target audience?

Non-professional willing to boost their knowledge in finance and trading. Our learners are interested in new financial opportunities and revolutionary financial tools.

Knowledge Level

  • Types of assets
  • Financial analysis
  • Definition of Risk
  • Cryptocurrency as an asset

Additional Information

Level of difficulty: Junior
Lectures: 7
Extra materials: 1 manual
Video: 2 hours & 53 minutes
Languages: English, Chinese, Romanian, Russian
Includes: Certificate of completion


Manual Stock Market & Assets 95 pages
Lecture 1 Stock Market 06:44
Lecture 2 Asset Analysis 07:36
Lecture 3 Essence of Cryptocurrency 04:25
Lecture 4 Notion of Risk 24:49
Lecture 5 Quantitative Aspects of Risk 33:53
Lecture 6 Psychological Aspects of Risk 19:13
Lecture 7 Normative Reasoning 53:52
Lecture 8 Game Theory 24:46
Quiz Stock Market and Risk 30 Questions