Forex and Technical analysis of financial markets

What is technical analysis? Learn the secrets and key characteristics of financial markets. Understand in-depth how to read technical charts and analysis. Learn how to develop market forecasts through various analytic approaches. 


Course Description

Learn how to conduct technical analyses to predict asset prices, a crucial skill for any trader. Along with the technical analysis, this module will continue to build and upgrade your financial knowledge. 

What are the requirements?

A OneAcademy Junior Level certificate of completion and a basic understanding of finance, financial markets, types of assets, risk, and financial analysis. 

What am I going to get from this course?


  • 12 minutes of video lectures
  • Extended PDF manual
  • Supporting presentations with broader explanations about financial analysis and risk
  • A deeper understanding of assets, financial analysis, and risk
  • Tools to analyze and track your personal progress


What is the target audience?

We are targeting non-professionals willing to explore trading opportunities. If you are an open-minded person who would love to exploit financial markets and digital currency this course is for you.

Knowledge Level

  • Technical analysis
  • Understanding of charts
  • Financial assets
  • Cryptocurrency as an asset

Additional Information

Level of difficulty: Specialist
Lectures: 3
Extra materials: 1 manual, Power point presentation
Video: 60 min
Languages: English, Chinese, Romanian, Russian
Includes: Certificate of completion


Manual Forex Fundamentals 34
Lecture 1 What are FOREX markets? 00:00
Lecture 2 What is trading risk? 00:00
Lecture 3 What drives FOREX markets - Technical aspect 00:00
Lecture 4 What drives FOREX markets - Fundamental aspect 00:00
Lecture 5 Creating a trading plan 00:00
Quiz Forex Fundamentals 19 Questions
Manual Technical Analysis 97 pages
Lecture 1 Technical Analysis 04:09
Lecture 2 Technical Analysis Charts I 03:23
Lecture 3 Technical Analysis Charts II 04:03
Quiz Technical analysis 30 Questions