Behavioral Finance and Advanced Analysis

Trading tools and broader concepts of fundamental and technical analysis. This level will provide you with wide knowledge about a variety of trading tools and approaches.

by Numan Ulku

Course Description

Becoming a professional requires extensive knowledge and skills in advanced techniques and concepts. This will help you construct viable trading strategies. More over you will learn what are derivatives – options, swaps, futures and etc. An integral part of this course is the psychological aspect of being a trader.

What are the requirements?

Certificate of completion for the Professional Level. Becoming a professional requires knowledge from the real practice which our previous module provides thanks to the experts who built the content. 

What am I going to get from this course?

  • 12 minutes of video
  • Extended manual in pdf
  • Supporting presentation with a broader explanation about advanced analysis and trading concepts
  • Deeper understanding about what are derivatives and what are the psychological aspects of being a trader
  • Analyze and track your personal progress

What is the target audience?

This advanced level is targeting non-professional traders with a motivation to develop their knowledge and skills. Our learners have already basic understanding of stock and financial markets.

Knowledge Level

  • Advanced Analysis
  • Derivatives
  • Traders` psychology

Additional Information

Level of difficulty: Expert
Lectures: 7
Extra materials: 1 manual, Power point presentation
Languages: English, Chinese
Includes: Certificate of completion



Section 1: Behavioral Finance I
Manual Behavioral Finance I 34 pages
Lecture 1 Introduction to Behavioral Finance 00:00
Lecture 2 Background of Behavioral Finance 00:00
Lecture 3 The Disposition Effect Bias 00:00
Lecture 4 Overconfidence Bias 00:00
Lecture 5 Confirmation Bias 00:00
Lecture 6 Representativeness Bias 00:00
Quiz Behavioral Finance Part I 20 Questions
Manual Advanced Analysis 95 pages
Lecture 1 Advanced Technical Analysis 06:02
Lecture 2 Derivatives 07:50
Lecture 3 Advanced Fundamental Analysis 06:36
Quiz Advanced Analysis 30 Questions