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    Dr. Eva Porras

    PhD, Financial Expert

    Dr. Eva Porras holds 2 PhDs in Finance, one from Florida Atlantic University, in the US and one from University of Almeria, in Spain. She has also attended post-doctoral courses in Harvard Business School. With reference to academia, her working experience includes eight years at Instituto de Empresa (IE), Madrid, Spain, where she held the position of Director of the Master Programs in Finance. She was Academic Dean of the CEU Business School, in Budapest, Hungary.

    Currently, She is a member of the Investment Committees and the Policy Sub-Committees of Zonta International Foundation, and Zonta International, USA. She is also a partner in two consulting firms in Spain and Hungary where she helps businesses grow and reveal their true potential.

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    Numan Ulku

    Phd, University Lecturer

    Dr Numan Ulku is a professor of finance and at the same time, experienced trader in financial markets for 27 years. In his academical career, he has taught over 700 courses on the topics of Financial Economics, International Finance; Econometrics; Financial Markets, Financial Econometrics etc. He has taught in many high-profile university around the world, including Central European University, Otago and AUBG. As we mentioned earlier, Dr Ulku had a dual-path being both academician and a professional trader. Aside from his academic works and activities, he has participated in many big projects and has huge experience in trading.

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    Ioannis Kantartzis

    MBA Lecturer, Trading Professional

    Ioannis Kantartzis was born in Ottawa, Canada and grew up in Thessaloniki, Greece. He earned his BA (Hons) in Economics from the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece in 1994. He holds an MSc in Money, Banking and Finance from Birmingham University, UK, a Diploma in Economic Studies from the Universidad Autonoma, Madrid, Spain while also holding all relevant certifications in derivatives and market making. He has in excess of 18 years of professional experience having served in high ranking positions at brokers and investment banks in Greece and the UK alike. His expertise lies in OTC products, online trading, covering a wide range of interests (CFDs, FX, Options, API, Stocks etc) in global markets. He is a member of many professional bodies, most notably as an Affiliate member at CISI in the UK while acts as a visiting lecturer in educational institutions on topics such as portfolio management options and futures.  

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    Angel Marchev

    Professor Assist., PhD


    Prof. Marchev has been educated by computer games since the age of four. By the time he finished high school he already participated as Instructor for various Computer Management Games and active methods for education so he has more than 15 years of teaching experience. He teaches variety of courses and has excelled at implementing active methods in all of them. Practically 100% of his classes are either interactive or games.

    He is a Ph.D. at implementation of computer simulation and modeling in investment portfolio theory. He has specialized in risk theory at a summer institute, organized by European mathematical society. He is also a certified SME consultant by the Instiituut voor het Midden en Kleinbdrijf.

    Angel Marchev has more than 50 publications, no less than 30% of which are published internationally. He has earned valuable international experience while teaching in several prestigious Erasmus Intensive Programs where he has always received the positive feedback from the students and from the participating teaching staff.

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    Steve Ruffley

    Trader & Market Analyst

    Meet Steve Ruffley. Professional Forex trader with more than 15 years experience. Starting his career as an investment manager in a “Big Four” company he continued to gather experience in the area of trading and risk management in many brokerage companies.  A respected market analyst constantly appearing on Reuters, Bloomberg and Financial Times, author of a bestselling book, over 800 live webinars and training sessions. Now he devoted himself to trading and “mentoring” and he is ready to pass his unique knowledge and understanding to you. In “Complete guide to trading” Steve will walk you through all major trading concepts. He will show you how to generate trading ideas and how to properly execute them. Also big focus on trading psychology and risk management. In the last level of OneForex educational program Steve will show you three proven trading strategies which will help you  prosper in the biggest financial market and become a real FOREX trader.