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How do I enroll in a course?

First, sign up for a membership here:

Next, purchase a package here: Once you have made your payment, our team will activate your account. Then you will be able to start your course at


Which course should I choose?

Our curriculum consists of 7 courses, each created for a different level of financial proficiency. Learn more about course requirements and see each curriculum on the “Courses” section of our website. There you will also find short introduction videos that provide an overview of each module.

Why can’t I sign up for an advanced OneAcademy level?

All OneAcademy modules are connected. If you bought a package that includes the first three levels, you need to obtain certificates from Level 1 and Level 2 before you can continue on to Level 3. OneAcademy does not allow you to skip courses as they each build on the information in the previous level.  Taken in the proper sequence, our courses will prepare you to become an expert in trading, finance, and cryptocurrency.