People behind OneAcademy
  • Krasimira Georgieva
    Project Manager
    Krasimira is an expert problem solver and critical thinker. She is passionate about education and executing new ideas to improve our curriculum.

    “I am a passionate traveler and creative personality who enjoys helping people develop their potential.”
  • Alexander Banchev
    Content Manager
    Alexander has structured our exceptional e-learning curriculum. He has an outstanding eye for detail and is an expert analytical thinker.

    “I enjoy examining and re-organizing things to give them a more logical flow. Outside of the office, give me a book and a cup of coffee and I’m happy.”
  • Donka Hristova
    Chinese Market Expert
    Donka is fluent in Chinese and come from a marketing background. Donka's goal is to make OneAcademy a widely-recognized educational platform around the world.

    “My passion for Chinese culture and the language reflects my curiosity and interest in multiculturalism and diversity. I believe this is something that every successful business should embrace.”
  • Veselina Tashkova
    Customer Success Manager
    Veselina achieves member satisfaction through effective communication and an empathetic point of view.

    “If I were a OneAcademy member, I know what kind of service I would like to receive. I keep the golden rule in mind every day.”
  • Milena Gecheva
    Customer Success Manager
    Milena is an excellent problem solver, ensuring that members are able to take full advantage of all the features and services that OneAcademy has to offer.

    “I stay motivated by seeing our members develop their potential and achieve financial success.”
  • Kaloyan Valev
    Software Engineer
    Kaloyan makes our platform as efficient, user-friendly, and innovative as possible.

    “Having a strong sense of logic is crucial in my work. This helps me figure out creative new ways to create the best user experience as I can.”